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In this excerpt from Tragedy in South Lebanon: The Israeli-Hezbollah War of 2006 I discuss the importance of looking at both sides. Too often, especially in the Western media, we hear only one side of a conflict. It takes two parties to create a conflict, therefore, there are always two sides.

Israel’s paranoia and sense of insecurity is, to some extent, justified. Given the less than desirable outcome of its with Hezbollah in 2006, the real or perceived threats from Syria and an emerging Iran, it is understandable from an Israeli point of view that the State of Israel would feel the need to attempt once again to redefine its military deterrence, to definitively crush Hezbollah and establish a permanent presence in South Lebanon.

The people of South Lebanon, for their part, feel incredibly burdened by the constant threat emanating from Israel on the other side of their border. They…

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Why AI will not eliminate humans

(1) AI & humans will be occupying different spaces
(2) AI does not feel pain,need water,rest,food etc like us nor will it have death of fear of death
(3) All factory,government,distribution,marketing,farming entire gamut of human activities less the systemic exploitation of animals and those under will be taken over/outsourced to AI,we will be left with poetry,creativity,our next steps in the cosmos along with AI

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Shaping The Fouth Industrail Revolution & my thoughts

Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution art by Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum in Mint Epaper pg 30 Wed 13 Jan 2016& my self pub Kindle ebooks thoughts which is an empty book awaiting content & public discussions to also translate into physical & tangible are in line

Kindly go through below I intend to hand over this to authentic institutions


This is in an idea-ting stage.

The thoughts are at this stage fuzzy,mostly likely there will be a multiple set of solutions.

Just to say life is beautiful may not suffice thus economic content say in the form of Public Private Partnership is being thought off,physical presence to attract is still not history.

I have self published a Kindle e-book “Knowledge(Primarily scientific) Contradiction And Human Identity A call for help”

It is at a amateur,popular,joining the dots level
though at a Amateur,popular,joining the dots kind is a prelude to set things going this will require help,world wide public discussions.

The thoughts are interconnected ,to begin with it is a gentle appeal to a individual intelligent life in any form then it moves on to facilitate preserving and accessing knowledge primarily scientific what we have learn’ t from say 1600 A.D.

It will try to access the capacity of the Oral as a repository of knowledge and while to begin with use minimalist resources later seamlessly  access modern communication,and deeming knowledge ought to be free enable access to quite
free Massive Online University courses and dynamic encyclopedia as Wikipedia.

Modules for such an endeavor have to be developed thus this call for help among other things.Personally I cannot even develop a website.

It is also calling for a add on  global human identity running concurrently with national and other identities.

A add on symbol for intelligent life,the symbol is a easy draw from astro-physics,plucked out from the top left corner of the Pioneer 10 plaque,The symbol is the schematic representation of the hyperfine transition of hydrogen.It is a neutral symbol from science and easy to draw as two circles are joined by a horizontal line with the binary 1 at the center each circle has vertical bars,on the whole a easy to draw unlike say  the UN symbol.A potential place is tha each nations flag has a additional white portion on the right hand side on which this symbol is incorporated.All such will obviously require deliberations and consensus but it will also declare where we stand at this phase in our history as a species and promote ourself in the comity of alien intelligent life which are numerous as per the Drake postulate.

It is also calling for a add on human constitution which in its anthem specifies we are located on the thirld planet fromthe Sun about 30000 light years from the center of the Milky-way galaxy.We need this as by know in the future we will be moving out into the cosmos.

A add on incentive for Women,Doctors.Teachers,Soldiers.

The formation of Global/Glocal cities.

Gesture Extraordinary

Human Achievements & Introspection Day

It will petition religion to incorporate in a subsidiary book the knowledge of science under the category of Changing Knowledge.

Contradiction is the vehicle chosen to articulate this view of life.

Warm Regards,
Mr.Vishram G Naik


Indian caste system a historical by birth process not conscious choice, helps to straddle contradiction

Indian caste system a historical by birth process not conscious choice, helps to straddle contradiction.Facilitates,though not conscious,sharing same geographical space and time while maintaining  separateness,and also letting in change though at extreme ends it can becoming violent,intolerant and a affront to liberal values of the time.

Contradiction is vehicle chosen in published and also to be edited Kindle e-book “Knowledge(Primarily scientific) Contradiction And Human Identity A call for help”.

This website is attached to this book,it has to be developed,and act as a facilitator for post public discussions so that project(s) developed can be disseminated free with say free Massive Online Courses and free constantly  live  encyclopedias such as Wikipedia.

The issue with free knowledge is that those who do so themselves require funding funding along with some component of a paid subscription.